inspiration: mantles!

two posts in one day? hurrah!

i feel like our mantle is always a work in progress... especially after christmas when it seemed so easy to fill it with fun, festive things. summer is easy too, but spring floating around in between the two is a little trickier for me. we have the interesting element of a giant meant-for-the-tv hole, but since the tv is in the other room, we covered it with a big mirror [which doesn't quite cover it all, but oh well].

here is our current springtime mantle, complete with my dumpster-salvaged giant bottle and my dollar store wreath!
and here are some other beautiful mantles that have been catching my eye:
little big nest
the lettered cottage [LOVE that chalkboard!]
[i don't have the source for this one, i strategically named it so i'd remember where it came from... a little too strategically apparently!]
brown eyed fox

i'm linking up to the nester's mantle party... there is oh so much lovely mantle inspiration to be seen there!


  1. Loving everything about your mantel!
    Especially the wreath on the mirror!
    Thanks for the photos of the other great inspirational ones too!:)
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Hi Lindsey!
    I noticed your comment about the chalkboard...I just made two of those for our home. All I did was buy some cheap platters from Ross (I don't know if you have those) and a can of chalkboard paint (11 dollars at home depot). Then I used painters tape to mark the area I wanted to paint. I really like how they turned out. We have them on the wall in our dinning room and I am writing menus on them. I got the idea from Pottery Barn! My husband and I live in Greenville, SC - If you ever head this way let me know I would love to catch up! Addie (Stephan) McConomy (mstephan@mail.usf.edu)

  3. I really like your mantel. I had to look at all the links too. It's so fresh and light looking. Just how I like spring!

  4. Make room sweetie...I'm movin in! Love your style!

  5. Your mantle is BEAUTIFUL! I especially love it because you've included inexpensive nifty finds! That's right up my alley! Nice work pulling it all together! =-D


  6. thanks everyone! glad you enjoyed :)


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