very green projects.

happy earth day!

i'm not a super-earthy/green/eco-conscious person, except for having had an inexplicable obsession with recycling since high school. but i do like the idea of using what you have, trying to make less waste, and getting creative with something rather than throwing it in a landfill if you can! if i'm honest, i probably have to admit that much of my re-use stems from the fact that i've just been overcome with the cuteness of reusable shopping bags on the rise as individuals and big companies try to live a little "greener."

check out all the awesome tutorials and unique reused materials out there!

vintage pillowcases/sheets
beach towel beach bag [which i would loooove with these towels or these!]
'plarn' market bag [made from cut up plastic shopping bags!]
and my absolute favorite that i've been stalking forever and want to try out really soon, the fused plastic grocery totes [want want want to have a milk-jug-sized bag now that i get milk on practically every single trip for my 1 year old!]
i also fully admit that, especially after having had a baby, i am a complete addict of disposable cleaning supplies... quick, easy, and throw-away-able. most days i seriously feel like i use up enough paper towels to fill my own landfill. i tried to remedy the situation by buying a cute little stack of cotton tea towels/dish drying cloths, but they unfortunately ended up being that strange type of cotton that has been treated somehow or something and they simply

do. not. absorb. water.

at all. obviously, completely nullifying their usefulness as dishtowels.

so, on my list of thrifting treasures to look for is a pretty green towel that i can trim down to dishcloth size, and add some nice cotton print trim with my trusty bias tape maker. love that thing!

as far as disposable cleaning products go, we really love swiffers around here. "swiffering" is one type of cleaning that my hubby is always truly willing to do [i do have a pretty great hubby!] and couldn't be easier. there's just something to be said for the convenience of them.

the other day i happened across two great tutorials to make reusable versions of the duster and the mopper out of old stuff destined for goodwill anyway!
i haven't found the time this week to make them, but they are all on my list, and i wanted to share the very green and reusable craftiness out there! the only downside is that the moppers don't come pre-loaded with the nice apple-y scented cleanser already on them, but i guess i should sacrifice something for the environment right? and now i can use method or seventh generation cleaners with it and know exactly what i'm putting all over the floors that my dog and occasionally my child eat off of [not to mention me... 5 second rule, am i right?]

[photos are all thanks to their original websites!]

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