dollar store wreath #2

[here was dollar store wreath #1!]

i also wanted a wreath for my dining room mirror... something green, leafy but not floral, and fresh but not so springy i'd feel like i needed to take it down in just a month or two when summer hits full-force. when i saw the base of mary janes and galoshes' butterfly wreath, i knew it was a perfect fit! big, fluffy, beautiful, and cheap! so i got out my scallop punch, started punching out my bags, and gluing them into my wreath form.
anybody want to guess how many paper bags that took?
answer: 19 and a half.

this was seriously an easy project. all it took was the wreath form, a glue gun, a scallop punch, brown paper lunch bags and a lot of punching/gluing.
isn't this a yummy pile? I'm suddenly wanting to make a garland...
right. focus. pinch, glue, poke. repeat.
there's something so methodical about gluing things with my glue gun. i really really like it. i had a squish-and-glue rhythm going, which was much easier than the roll-and-glue i did for the sunburst mirror. it was fail-proof, the more i squished in there, the fuller and fluffier it looked!

sometimes when the repetitive gluing of a project like this gets a bit monotonous, i like to imagine what the project description of the thing i'm making would sound like for something like the sundance catalog or pottery barn... constructed of reclaimed brown paper petals and artisan hand-assembled... their descriptions always make me laugh. just add the $500 price tag that everything seems to have in those catalogs, and there you go!
here's what the back looked like, in case you were wondering [i'm always wondering]. this might have been much easier with a foam wreath! i was also thinking that it might turn out even bigger and fluffier if i made one with coffee filters?
i want more green in my dining room so i thought about giving it a little spritz of green paint, but the brown kraft paper was just too lovely to mess with. so i used one big strip of fabric to hang it from my mirror, and done! [i just tucked the fabric between the wall and the mirror, the weight of the mirror leaning against the wall was enough to hold it like a little sling... the wreath itself is super light!]
a great addition to my spring mantle! in fact, i might not change anything when summer comes!


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