dollar store wreath #1

i think i may have totally underestimated the crafty possibilities of the dollar store until now. it started back in december when i needed something large for my front porch, but at a next-to-nothing price... remember the front porch trees? and winter snowflake wreath? all thanks to dollar store goodies.

so when i wanted to make something springtime and easter-y on the cheap, i knew i'd start there. i came home with deliciously cheap plastic eggs in two sizes, two wooden wreath bases, some faux moss and some brown paper lunch bags... all ripe for the crafting and ready to be made into three wreaths!

dollar store wreath #1

first off, i was dying to try v&co's fabric covered egg tutorial. i broke out the modge podge and got to work right away on that one. i forgot how wonderfully messy modge podge is- every once in awhile i'd have to stop and peel giant sheets of it from my fingers!
two hints i discovered the hard way: it's easier and much less slippery to glue the middle first, let it dry, and then try to smooth the individual strips down on the edges... and for the smaller eggs, it's much easier to just to strips all the way from top to bottom, rather than trying to keep them connected in the middle. read through V's tutorial for that to make sense!
after the eggs were all modge-podged and dry, i laid them out how i wanted them to fit together, alternating the bigger and smaller ones evenly.
then i hot glued them together with a big dollop of hot glue. it was tricky to keep them in a perfect circle at this stage- mine ended up a little bit of an oval, and i had to pop a few of them apart and re-glue to get it just right.
then i needed something to cover up the big dried glue spots, so i wrapped some bright yellow ribbon in and around the connection between each egg. worked perfectly, and i spaced it so that there was a little ribbon left at the top on each side to tie together for hanging!
it looks great hanging by itself:
and also ended up just the right size to hang inside my front door grapevine wreath- i bought this one wreath at michael's with a 40% off coupon [got it for about $2] and have used it every season since! i just make sure the season-specific elements will be removable later.
perfectly bright and easter-y! now i just need some daffodils to go in my planters!

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