sorting, organizing, and stashing

i just returned for a long weekend (5 days, actually!) of hard-core sorting, organizing, and stashing-for-future-use of my mom's craft universe. i say universe, because try to imagine literally 30ish years of crafting supplies of every imaginable kind and many partially finished projects all in one place. i can't wait to post some pictures of some of the many treasures my sister and i encountered. i think a huge shop update will be in the (hopefully) near future as well, as i finish up some of the projects and unleash some of the supplies out into the world.

in my kick of trying to finish some of my own projects (mostly in light of knowing the huge influx of really great supplies that i was about to inherit) i actually got a few fun things done just in time. i tend to be a late-night crafter... i get on a kick about 10 or 11pm and, if i really want to finish what i'm working on, will work until i get really sleepy, which is usually no later than 3am. i am such a night owl, i love staying up late and that's when i feel the most productive.

i used some of the amy butler fabric squares i bought on etsy last week to make a few coasters.
i used a bit of the linen from pants i thrifted from goodwill and also ended up running out to get a little more of that awesome dot fabric to finish the backs.
when i was looking through my fabric, i found a happy little piece that was just calling out to be made into napkins. i'm planning to make several sets of two matching ones to go with my new ones. have i mentioned i really love when things don't exactly match? all the more fun with all-white dishes!

because i know much sorting, organizing, and stashing is in store for me in my own home, i decided to try out a color week idea i've been reading about in other crafty blogs. for the next week or so i'm going to try to post a different photo of beautiful color. it'll be a fun chance to play around with the camera and to finally use some of these photos i've been saving for the experiment.

by the way, it's not too late yet!

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