color week : day seven : blue

my mom's last major project before she passed away in january. she was making quilts for each of her kids, my brother and i and our spouses. she liked to pick out the colors and design based on what each person really loved and the colors that were descriptive of or important to us. i'm really nervous and at the same time excited about finishing this quilt.

today is her birthday; she would have been turning 53. it's still incredibly hard to comprehend that she's not with us anymore. the physical signs are there... a closet full of clothes that had to be given away, projects that someone else will have to finish for them to be done... but mentally it's still hard to believe. i saved a message on my phone she left me in october, and when i listen to it (usually at least once a day) i still feel like she's just away on a trip. i know someday it will break my heart to hear her voice after who knows how many years of missing her, but right now, it just solidifies in my mind the feeling that she's just away and out of contact for a little while. i can only assume that someday the reality will set in, and i'm not sure that will be a good thing.

and so, in recognition that this would have been my mom's birthday, today is the last day to enter the drawing for some free goodies celebrating my first full year of blogging (as of january!). if there's some reason you've talked yourself out of entering, that's just silly! enter anyway! all you have to do is leave a little hello or comment. i get really excited over these kind of little freebie things. i won't draw a name until tonight or first thing tomorrow morning, so there's still time!

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