petite spree of shopping.

after reading this lovely little tutorial for a little zippered pouch, i decided that would be just the thing for corralling all the little gift cards and coupons that keep floating around my purse and over-stuffing my wallet. instead of braving the zipper foot on my sewing machine (for now) i decided to see what fabulous offerings were to be found among my fellow crafters at etsy. well, of course, i ended up finding several little somethings i just couldn't live without. it was really fun to splurge a little paypal cash (which feels a little like play money to be honest!) and to spread a little good-selling-karma by buying from others. ok, i don't really believe in karma. but when you love making things by hand, it's really fun to purchase things others have made by hand. part of my 'finishing the projects i start' revelation is that it is possible to have a home full of handmade things without biting off more than you can chew by trying to make them all yourself. and that, my friends, can be done by shopping.

so! the good stuff:


patchwork zipper coin purse by lindylou


polka dot cloth napkins by the orange bicycle


amy butler fabric scrap squares by the funky bag lady


vintage wallpaper pack by sweet kate


and a canvas market tote by modern charm.

ps-product pictures are all thanks to these lovely individual sellers. go crazy and check out their shops, there are many more fabulous goodies where these came from!

i stayed up way too late last night, clicking around and making absolutely sure these were all exactly the things i wanted. it really is sick that i get such a rush from shopping, especially the small rare times when i just buy exactly what i want (within reason) without thinking about it. i figure it is a nice little celebration for myself since my paypal account is all profits from the sales i've made. what better than to perpetuate the fun selling cycle? i also get a happy rush thinking of these five sellers that will (or already have) woken up to an email that they made a sale in their shop. such a good feeling.

here are a few other favorites that were hard to turn down: patchwork coasters, a gadget case, a little mini box pouch, and a cellphone snuggly. ok, i'd better stop before i start clicking away again.

and don't forget the anniversary free goodies drawing! come let me know what you've bought on etsy recently... how you like your coffee... what you've been reading... or just a hi!

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