...in with the new.

i'm trying something a little new... a clearance event over in the shop! some of my designs that were one-of-a-kind or made in really small runs (only one or two of each) are going on clearance. this is the first time i've tried any type of sale or clearance at all, but i want to make room for some fun new stuff coming in the spring. i've been in spring-cleaning mode in a big way over here in the studio, so i'd love for some of these lovelies to find new homes and make room for the new!

much of it is christmas cards and tags, and some of the others will look familiar... crocheted sunglasses cases and a few pieces of jewelry. i'm really excited about the mix of new things i've got in store, so come help me make room for them!
also, don't forget that the drawing for free goodies is still out and about! just a quick click and "hello" and you're in for a chance to win! (at least i was poetic about it!)

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