new projects.

ahh my little blog. color week was lots of fun, but i'm glad to be back to getting a chance to write a little more. plus, i have other pictures to share!

i'm most excited that i have a super secret special project in the works:
it's going to be given as a gift later in march and i could not be more hyped about it! it's biting off quite a bit more in the sewing world than i ever have before, which is daunting when i can't just call my mom every time the bobbin gets stuck like i used to. i will admit here, in my safe little craft world, that i don't even know how to change the needle on the machine yet. i have no doubt that will have to change soon! but yes, it is coming along quite well, and is almost done. there are a few very special touches that still must be added.

the drawing for my first year "blogiversary" is officially closed now, so i can finally stop sounding like a broken record on every post! i will be contacting one of you lovely readers soon to get an address to send your goodies to!

i'm gearing up to be adding lots of fun new stuff to le shop for spring, and also thinking of possibly introducing some housewares-type items... placemats, napkins, magnet sets, coasters, and a few other things in light of my sudden wealth of fabric. i get so excited about new ideas that i have to make a serious effort to stay focused on my current projects long enough to finish them. the good news is, matt and i started weight watchers this past week, and 5 days later i've (actually lost a couple pounds!) been inundated with this crazy amount of energy! hopefully i can harness it into productiveness and really get the shop packed full of loveliness. i plan to pretty much revamp the whole shop over the next few weeks of march. right now there's lots of great clearance to check out, to make way for the new!

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