sparkly jar lid ornaments!

remember me writing about feeling guilty for straight-up hoarding some [ok, lots of] baby food jar lids from my [now 4 year old] daughter's food?

ahem. well i found another use for them!

sparkly 'gemstone' jar lid ornaments

i made these together with my 4 year old daughter & she absolutely loved it! they were super easy, not very messy & there's really no wrong way to do it [always a plus with kiddo crafting!]. since she loves 'my little pony' she called these gemstone ornaments & i thought that was pretty cute. she was pretty proud of herself... waiting to let them dry to put them on the tree was the hardest part! this one was a pinterest project that i snapped right up because i knew my big girl would love them.
 -what you need: any size/type jar lid you want to use, some acrylic faux gems with the mirror backs, some elmers or tacky glue & some silver glitter glue. oh & twine for hanging. our 2 little packs of gems [from hobby lobby] were enough for about 6 jar lids]
-prime your lids if they're not already a pretty metallic color, or if you want to cover up any writing

-hot glue a loop of twine inside the circle. if you forget, you can glue them to the backs & cover it with a felt circle. i may or may not have had to do that on 2 or 3 of them...
 -hand them over to your sweet assistant in her my little pony dress-up dress to glue the gemstones into the lid. get them nice & full & don't worry if some of them flip over... the mirrored backs look pretty too & will really reflect the christmas tree lights!
 -let the glue dry & then outline the gems in silver glitter glue. this will make them sparkle so much more & make them look like the gems are 'set' in the glitter. let dry again & then hang them on the tree!

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