craft clay snowflakes!

these little snowflakes are about as easy as it gets... just 2 items necessary [although you can certainly jazz them up a little more if you like!].
 all you need is white air dry craft clay, such as crayola, & some cute snowflake cookie cutters! you literally just ball the clay up, roll it out with a roller [i let my 4 year old do it herself with a roller from her toy kitchen] & then cut them out with the cookie cutters!

if you want to leave it at that, you totally can. it's that simple! we decided they needed a little something extra... the first one we tried stamping with a clean, dry rubber stamp for a little texture:
then we decided they were a little too solid, so we used a plastic straw to punch out some tiny circles to make them a little more lacy & snowflake-y [which i realized after the fact i'd need to do anyway to have something to hang them with!] they took a few days to fully dry & then i used a little piece of jute twine to hang them. i also painted a tiny bit of glitter glue over them to give them a bit of shimmer.
i thought these would be super sturdy & great for kiddos to do [& they were, my kid loved it!] but they were  surprisingly fragile after they dried! they were really lightweight, which is good, but the first one i tried to tie the jute into tore right through. we were a little bummed! next time i'd probably do these with good old white playdough, which dries much harder.

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