craft stick nativity!

i have lots to share since we just moved & have been hard at work getting a few rooms painted, some furniture arranged just so & lots of things hung on the wall! i'm about 26 weeks pregnant with this little one #3, so i'm so thankful my hubby has been a driving force to getting it done quickly.

but, as usual, all must come to a halt for my favorite crafting season... christmas crafting! i went a new direction this year & so, instead of using all our traditional ornaments, i'm starting almost from scratch with some super simple & rustic handmade ornaments & decorations!

craft stick nativity

i waxed quite poetic last year during my no-budget christmas decor series about my love of craft sticks (aka popsicle sticks). so when i saw this super cute & simple nativity idea on pinterest, i knew it would be the perfect project for my & K to get to work on! here is our interpretation, hanging on her colorful little playroom tree:
no real tutorial for this one, it's pretty straight forward with different sized craft sticks (see this post for where i found each size) & painted to look like a nativity! next time i'll use a wooden star instead of a glittered paper one & a jute loop instead of a pipe cleaner for hanging- both to make it a bit more durable.

i'm just now realizing we left off the angel! we actually made these on a sunday night for our children's church group, intending to decorate the church's tree with them- but K loved hers so much we somehow forgot to take it back for the decorating party. we may just have to make another one for church!

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