the one where i'm glad i saved a bit of the junk.

i must admit that most days you could accurately & unabashedly call me a pack rat & it would be true. it's an inward struggle for me... wanting to be re-useful/resourceful with my house somehow magically not filling up with unused junk.

a tough balance to find.

in fact, if you saw this sitting in my craft room, i'd give you full permission to make a little fun of me [seeing as how i've almost thrown them in the recycling at least a dozen times]:
that's right... a giant ziplock bag of probably almost every baby food lid jar kenna ever ate from [confession: i saved the jars too.] for me, the absolute best way to find an amazing and clever use for some junky old thing is to throw it away and find yourself stuck saying aww i used to have one of those! so to get to the point, last night i made the first christmas ornament of the season after seeing this adorable tutorial [i also want to do the rag balls for bowl fillers and the baby fingerprint ornament!] for this one, i used a jelly jar lid instead of the little baby jar lids, mostly because it already had the beautiful red gingham design on the back [thank you, smuckers!].
it was quick and easy to put together, fun to make, and i did the whole thing while watching half a movie and chatting with my hubby who had just gotten home from work.
wait... still needs something...
much better.
and now i'm glad i saved that giant bag of jar lids.

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