paper pinwheel garland!

this project must have been hiding somewhere in my subconscious, because i didn't realize until i finished it that it's exactly like a mini version of one by the wonderful aka design. i had these little chipboard 'joy' letters that i'd been saving for the perfect project, so this was it!
they popped out really easily & i gave them a couple coats of gold shimmer paint on their already-white backgrounds. [i saved the backgrounds the letters punched out of- i'm sure i'll think of something to use them for... maybe a wreath like create studio's vintage stencil one? or just another simple garland!]

the paper pinwheels could not have been easier & were really, really fun. i had also squirreled away this little hymnbook that my grandmother gave me [it has my uncle's name written in the front cover in his little kid handwriting from back in the day- cute!] it was really perfect in size for the letters! i used 3 pages for each pinwheel. here's how:

-fold the pages like an accordion
-fold each accordion in half like a fan

-hot glue each side of the 3 folded accordions together

-be sure to secure the center with glue so it doesn't 'pop' out

 -paint or glitter your letters as you like

-hot glue the letters to the pinwheel's center

[sorry... more late night crafting!]
i thumbtacked a bit of ribbon over the playroom door & clipped the garland to it with clothespins. the draped jute right behind it is the perfect spot to hang our christmas cards! so easy & cute!

you can also make these out of regular book pages instead of hymns, & can make them into ornaments instead of stringing them into garlands- just poke a hole for some twine or clip them right to the tree branch with a clothespin!

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