the valentines that were!

i thought i'd post this a little ahead of time from valentine's day because it's about the easiest way possible to send out handmade valentines! [even if you have a whole kiddo class or 2 to craft for!]

you know that in all my good intentions for crafting, i have lots of almost-were cautionary tales thanks to my last-minuteness- especially for valentine's because it really sneaks up on you!
this year i wanted to keep it sweet & easy & involve my little one's art in some way.

so, inspired by the layered felt ones i saw the other day, i tweaked my already-in-progress plan a little. first off, i sat K down with one sheet of white paper and lots of different pinks & reds:
[she loved those little red heart stickers so much that they ended up everywhere except on the valentines- there is still one on our unfinished basement stairs that still makes me smile!]
love the reds & pinks- this totally makes me want to make this crayon holder by the way!

i was planning to cut hearts out of the paper she colored & glue them to some plain cardstock cards with envelopes, but instead i:

1. cut out the heart

2. cut out a pink construction paper heart slightly larger

3. cut out a red construction paper heart slightly larger than that

4. put a stripe of glue gun glue right down the center of each layer of heart

5. glued the whole thing to the cardstock card!

putting the glue just in the center like that makes the edges fluff up a little bit [& dries super fast, which is very instant gratification. love.]
my favorites are the extra scribbly ones... i love this little coloring age!
& so we shall successfully send out valentines this year! she's too little to have a whole class to make them for yet, but they're perfect for grandparents & our little cousins! too fun!

if you're looking for some other fun pink valentine-y tutorials here are some of my past ones:
the crocheted little heart garland,
easy peasy pink fabric pennant banner,
the love brownies,
or maybe even some little pink button hair clips just for fun.

or maybe your lovely babe needs a sweet little happy hearts bib to wear while she eats pink cupcakes and strawberry marshmallows? mmmm. i think so.

while all those pretty pinks were out on the table, i sat & made this:we're working on potty training, & K gets to pick out a treat when she has a success... there are a few tiny bottles of bubbles and about 2 candy necklaces in the treat bucket, but mostly it's all stickers. so i thought a little sticker potty chart would be fun so she can stick one sticker on the chart to see how well she's doing & play with the rest of the little sheet, sticking them on her shirts or wherever.

i was completely inspired by prudent baby's adorable one, and when she gets big enough to understand the different 'kinds of tries' i'll definitely be making one like that!

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