little art book.

so i have a budding little artist in my midst:
& i decided that valentine's day was the perfect time to decorate a little sketch book with her name on it [kind of literally] to create in! her momma is well known for having little scraps of paper everywhere with lists, little sketches, things to remember, etc. & i wanted my little one to have her own book to create in.... and i was inspired by reading about soulemama's theory that you should try to give your kids "real" art supplies even when they are little.

so i found 2 little sketchbooks [blank pages without lines] in pretty colors on clearance for $5. they have really nice smooth fabric covers & a spiral spine so they lay flat. the green one is for me [not sure what it's for yet- mailing list sign-ups at craft shows maybe?]
the little periwinkle blue-ish one was for k & i painted a little pink k with dark pink dots on the front cover to make it more girly.
it looked so cute amongst her valentine's gift:
so far it's been a perfect place to attach, un-attach & re-attach stickers into collages, & momma has tried hard to be hands-off with it. 2 year old art should have no rules, i suppose [other than please keep it in the book & not on the walls] and i have tried to accept the cheezit-orange fingerprints already in it as part of the art.
although i admit the painted k on the cover was strategically placed to cover one up. ahem.
but she is in love with her little art book & loves to carry it around with her sticker booklets and keep it near her crayons & markers stash. and this momma says anything that keeps a busy 2 year old occupied for more than 30 minutes straight is a success. win!


  1. It is so cute, Lindsey! I love the "K" on the front too!

  2. thanks tara! you know we love our monograms :)


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