craigslist wishlist!

i know window shopping on craigslist doesn't really count as crafty [even though we all know most craigslist finds are a cool way to get something on the cheap & transform it into something fabulous with a little sanding/painting/creativity] but with my due date looming this weekend & no baby yet, a craigslist wishlist is about as crafty as it gets around here.

especially considering the amount of diy decorating blogs i read... ahem.

most times i am looking for fun & not actually to buy, but if i had some cash to burn & the luck that these steals weren't already snapped up, here are some things i'd be trying to coerce my husband into picking up for me right now:

it has only taken me about 20 minutes to convince myself how badly i need this set of 4 gorgeous ladder shelves for my craft room re-do i'm [still] working on.... and get this: all 4 for only $125. a massive deal, especially for something that doesn't need to be painted at all! i'm already picturing them covered in little baskets and jars full of all my craft stuff.
this super cute 'shabby chic' bedside table looks just about like what i'm looking for for my little girl's big girl bedroom after the baby gets here... again, minus the sanding, painting, & decoupaging that adorable little drawer since it's already done for me! it would match perfectly with her green & pink decor [remember the lamp?] & is also right in our price range at $60... aka $50 if i work the bargaining angle & the sellers are friendly!!
my long-term search however, is [big surprise] anthropologie-inspired: a perfectly beat-up, worn-in leather couch. you know what i mean: something not so scary brand new that you're afraid to let anyone within 10 yards of it, but not so old & funky that you think it might have been infested with something in somebody's great-aunt's basement at some point [eww.] i've seen several great ones, but not surprisingly, they get snatched up quickly when the price is right.

i guess it's kind-of the holy grail of craigslist thrifting if you will. but check out this one i saw this week, which actually has a matching loveseat... perfect.
confession: i emailed the sellers about all of these. i couldn't help myself.

we've both bought & sold a couple of things on craisglist over the years. it can have its strange aspects, but overall is a fun & pretty harmless way to buy inexpensive furniture! anybody else have a favorite thing to search for on craigslist?

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