custom hairbow holders!

remember my hairbow holder tutorial from several weeks ago? i made it for my niece as a christmas gift & it turns out there are other precious small people in need of a special spot for their hairbows. and luckily, two lovely ladies in need of gifts for such small people emailed me about a custom order!

here's the original hairbow holder i made for my niece:
i have to say that custom orders are pretty much one of my favorite things ever. i love the personal contact & getting to plan a handmade adornment to exact specifications. soooo much fun to creatively collaborate!

my absolute favorite part... the dots around the edge [& a little glimpse to my simple secret for perfect dot-making]:
they were both based on bedding sets that my two lovely friends wanted to match for gifts [the 3rd was an extra.] it was so much fun to pick up the custom colors & designing it all out:
matching up the perfect ribbons:
and here they are all finished!
oh the fun little details!
is there a small somebody in your life in need of a customized hairbow holder? email me & let me know! i would love to make one just for you!


  1. these are beautiful and Hannah's momma absolutely LOVED hers! :) Thanks again for sharing your wonderful craftiness with us :)

  2. I echo Jenn's comment completely! Love these and would recommend your custom hairbow holders to anyone!!!


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