inspiring work places!

several months ago [like, last summer] i started working on getting my basement studio space organized & put together for optimum functionality. 'studio space' sounds so much better than crafty mess in the basement, & basically, i just wanted to know where things were enough to not spend 98.2% of my crafting time looking for something.

i bought some wire storage shelves and some pretty green organizers & it started looking pretty decent!
being that it's in the basement which is great in the summer but freezing in the winter with little daytime light, i started bringing projects upstairs to work on them in the warmth of the house- which resulted in little piles everywhere & my sewing machine right in the middle of the table. christmas came and went & walmart discontinued my lovely green bins... so i lost motivation to keep throwing money at it... ahemmm, i mean making it pretty.

i even toyed with the idea [being pregnant, crazy, & wanting to rearrange the entire house anyway] of moving both kiddos into the same room so that we could have an upstairs playroom/craft room where i could actually get things done with wee ones underfoot.

thankfully, husband was here & safely talked me out of it.

so it's not exactly the 'studio' of my dreams yet, but it is a space to hold all my stuff and i'm grateful for that! it still needs quite a bit more re-organizing work & a couple more lamps or twinkle lights to give it some personality, but i'm hoping to 'reveal' it soon.

in the meantime, i've been noticing that lots of crafty folks are posting their own lovely workspaces that i would love to hijack & well, basically live in indefinitely. here are some spaces i love:
[totally stealing the alphabet card idea for the new nursery- already have cute japanese lanterns like that in big sister's room!]

[including some fabulous tips on organization & time management!]

[whose is sneakishly tucked into a closet! genius, i say.]

be sure to click the links to check out the amazing goodies coming out of these ladies' work spaces! prepare to be inspired!


  1. Love the look and bright colors of all of the studio's. It's so nice to get a peek into the work world of others.

  2. Love all of these workspaces! My "studio" area is in woeful need of a makeover... ;)

  3. i'm in such good company on this post! :) thanks for the shout out!

  4. thank you ladies, and welcome! :)


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