snowy surprises.

every once in a blue moon it looks like this in our little town of suburban north carolina [although rarely this early in the year!]. the streets shut down, people come out of their houses to laugh and throw snowballs, & the stores have run out of bread & milk because of the mere suggestion of the possibility of snow:
and every year, i get in the mood to do this:
is there anything more beautiful than falling snow? especially from warm and snuggly indoors, with warm socks & a burrowed puppy on your feet, by the light of the christmas tree:
this year, it is a brown ruffly scarf [from the most fun pattern!]. last year it was a hat. and look, oh look, how cute that hat is this year:
gracious, when did those little cheeks get so grown up? i don't know who's happier the hat still fits, my hat-obsessed little girl or her momma.
happy snow day! winter is finally here.

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