ok, internets.

you're killing me here. i mean, really? less than a week before christmas & you're going to deliver a handful of the cutest little crafty ideas i may have ever seen?

i shouldn't be surprised... it happens every year. i make a list of ornaments i want to make, and then somehow it just doesn't happen. then i look over the list later & think well that's ok. maybe next year. but these are just too cute!

mini yarn wreath ornaments:
which means you could also make ruffle felt wreaths in mini-ornament form!
adorable paintstick ornaments:
tiny garland trees with wine cork stands:
and ok, not technically christmas related necessarily, but i'm dying to make some of these amazing tiny wooden cupcake stands!
i did make 1 this year... probably the secret to its success was that it was made back in november. and now i have to head back down into the craft room & get busy on these adorable ideas!

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