christmas 2010!

i had a hard time figuring out where i wanted to go with our christmas decor this year. i wanted to do something a little different than the red and white of last year, but realized we really didn't have anything else since we were almost starting from scratch last year after all the moves. i thought about green trees with a snowy cabin feel, i thought about traditional red & green mixed together, and nothing felt quite right. and of course, we have the same tight budget as last year [aka, no buying out pottery barn anytime soon.]

but after seeing this tablescape by the nester full of white dishes [my obsession], neutrals, a little silver-snowy-sparkle, and all kinds of basket-y goodness, i knew that was it. about $10 at the dollar store and $12 at target later [that purchase included faux snow... whee!] we had a reasonably presentable-y decorated house.

the mantel:
i kept my paper bag wreath up [even though i really, really want to make a green ruffly felt one]. i have been amazed at how well this paper one has lasted and fit in with every decor i've put together so far- just what i wanted from a neutral little wreath!
i continued the basket-y and twinkly theme with some rattan ball light strings that i got from target forever and a day ago [always intending to put them out on the porch but never did] and some branches with twinkly lights in vases. i got 2 additional tall candleholders from the dollar store and filled them with kraft paper shreds and silver ornaments. everybody's christmas cards as we got them in the mail added just the right amount of color!
speaking of color, oh deer got a little himself... getting into the christmas spirit with a pretty red scarf. doesn't he look ready to go caroling?
the living room shelf still had the pins in for the felt snowflake trim and i added all my little winter trees around the pictures. doesn't it look much more warm & friendly than last year when it was so sparse?
and finally, the tree. which i can't take much credit for since my sweet hubby has decorated it for me each year since my mom died. i seem to get partially paralyzed at the thought of it since it used to be our tradition to decorate it together- it became a sad thing instead of a happy thing marking the start of christmas. but once it's done, i love to just sit and look at it, snuggling up on the couch with the puppy or to watch a movie after little one has gone to bed. and i love that it's right in the window where passing neighbors can see it- what's more cheerful than a twinkly christmas tree through the window?

& you can see the debut of my merry christmas banner that i started last year and finished around november of this year- SO determined to be able to finally use it!
the stockings are still in progress, the christmas pillows i have planned are holding on by a thread, and the advent calender i wanted to make i had to just let go of for this year... but oh well! i think kenna will be able to understand it better next year anyway. [or at least that's what i'm going to tell myself as i furiously sew stockings the day before christmas eve, desperate to have them done!]

the front door:
i unintentionally went for sparse and wintery with the front door- i moved those black urns from the back porch to the front & then was at a complete loss of what to put in them! a little moss and faux snow [also from the dollar store] at least made them look a little more wintery [once we took the pumpkins out!]
& my favorite part- this year's incarnation of my grapevine wreath, with acrylic snowflakes and tiny silver ornaments tied on with twine. the tin "noel" is from target a couple years ago & has two tiny jingle bells on it!
& since she inspired my "theme" this year, i'm linking up just for fun to the nester's christmas tour of homes- man alive, there are some pretty houses out there!

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