a few of my favorite things!

in an ideal world, time & money would be unlimited... meaning i could buy out everything i want on etsy for everyone on my christmas list! unfortunately, as we all know, that's just not the case for most folks. i'm excited that most of my christmas shopping is done, with the exception of a few things i'd like to make for family that i'm still working on of course [stay tuned for more about those!]

here are some of the awesome handmade goodness i would be purchasing with wild abandon if i had the cash! some of them are vendors i've seen in person at recent craft shows, & some are etsy shops that i may not have even ordered from, just admired for a long time!

for my birthday a few weeks ago, my sweet husband bought me an amazing apron from this great vendor! she has lots of really pretty prints, and adorable child sizes. what could be cuter than a matching mommy/daughter apron set? i think every lady on my list needs one. here i am rocking the apron after wanting one for a nice long while... it's reversible and currently even fits my pregnant belly!

::: visibility :::
some of the cutest hand-painted signs in existence. i saw this vendor's booth in person at mistletoe market and seriously wanted to buy out everything! perfect for little neice's and nephew's rooms.

wouldja look at the cute felt food in these 2 etsy shops! you already know i dream of a handmade wooden play kitchen for my little helper, can you imagine the cuteness of filling the shelves and fridge of that kitchen with all these creative & beautifully stitched little munchies? love. and i'm laughing now because i just realized the felted pear has all your fruits/veggies, and sewn sweets is dessert headquarters!

::: sosorosey :::
this shop has some of the most creative crochet designs i've ever seen, and there's not too many people i think you couldn't buy for from here! ornaments for a new baby, a desk/dresser organizer for your favorite guy, a christmas trivet for your mother-in-law, some beachy decor for your sister, and even a garland for your tree! seriously, i want to buy this whole shop.

all i can say is that i've wanted a little green apple jacket for forever... don't you?

just a note: none of these ladies have tempted me with goodies in any way to promote their shop- i just love their products & love to share the cuteness! i hope you'll be buying as much handmade loveliness as you can this season to support your local people who love to make things by hand!

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