headband-y goodness!

There are just not enough flower headbands in my life- an inexcusable offense considering the endless amounts of adorable tutorials for them out there! the minute i saw this felt layered flower tutorial, i knew it was headband time.

i have a tiny stash of this eco-felt in the perfect shade of green that i've been hoarding. you know when you like something so much you almost look for reasons not to use it? i wanted something fun and un-like-me to wear during my craft show this past weekend, so i decided it would be perfect for the felt.
for mine, i left off the littlest flower & did a fabric covered button instead. come to think of it, the fabric scrap i used for the button and the velvet ribbon i covered the headband with are all like that... my favorites that i almost hate to use. but better to use & enjoy them than them sit in your craft room all alone forever, right? and what better way to use & enjoy them than to wear them on your head in public, right? right.
so i cut out the flower petals, stacked them up as directed, and hot glued the whole shebang together. then i glued ribbon to the headband and tucked under the ends so it would be nice and a little extra padded behind the ears. [the headband was a $2 clearance number from target that i ripped the ugly pink bow off of before i even got it home.] i don't have any pictures of the hot gluing steps because i glue gun at night in my super dark kitchen like i'm going to get arrested for it or something. i'm a rebel like that.
and knowing the accessories-stealer that my little one has become, i couldn't make momma a cool flower headband without making her one. [i'll have to watch out for that girl as soon as she can fit in my shoes!] so for hers i did the exact same thing in pink eco-felt with a little tiny pink gingham button at the middle. for hers, i kept the tiny flower but left off the huge biggest one to make it more little-head-sized.
instead of a metal headband, i just stitched a loop of white elastic big enough to fit her head comfortably and glued it all together as well.
i backed the flowers on both of them with a little felt circle to make it look finished & a little more sturdy [we're tough on our accessories around here.] i really love the sturdiness it adds!
ta da! girlie flower headbands. what could be better!
while i was at it, i also tried out a good tutorial and made this little gal. i love how it looks like the top of a cupcake, and think it will be just the thing for a certain somebody's 2nd birthday coming up in a few weeks [although it would have been beyond perfect for last year too!].
next time i'll use a better clip, this one is hard to open once it's all glued together.
now i'm thinking little one & i both need a way to store our headbands so that the flowers don't get crushed... maybe this looped ribbon one or an oatmeal container with secret storage inside [if you're not a big oatmeal eater, try out these awesome no-bake chocolate cookies from my friend's recipe blog!] oooh and surely we both need a ruffle headband!
[ps- i'm feeling like a terrible crafty momma since this is the last headband i've made for my little girl]:

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