teeny tiny little jars- part 2

is it bad that my favorite part of having a 7 month old 8 month old (geez, they grow fast!) is all the teeny tiny little jars all over the house? truly, i have a kitchen drawer full of them as a result of saving every single one she's ever eaten out of. seriously. i've done a fairly good job of washing them out, de-labeling them, and setting them aside for craft-preparedness as we get done emptying them of their pureed contents. i gathered some up the other day and set them on the porch to dry, delighting in the sweet possibility of little empty jars.
i found a pretty little tray in my craft room, set them up in it, and started filling them will all the little craft-room flotsam and jetsam that tends to get tucked in a drawer or a ziplock baggie somewhere and lost or forgotten. even after tucking every little something i could find into them, i still have a few empty ones- prime real estate for more crafty organizational fun! my favorite is that i finally have a place for the little parts and pieces of a couple different sizes of fabric-covered button sets.
i love it when some of my favorite crafting elements collide- simple, repurposed, organizational, and cute! some of the things that finally have a home are: pushpins, blank magnets, hairclips, brads, buttons, beads, mini keyrings, and small, rolled-up tape measures!

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