after craft & bake 2010.

so craft & bake was this past weekend, and yowza, what a great show! i have to start with a hugemongous thank you to lots of friends, family, and awesome customers who stopped by to say hello & show their support! i had a lot of what i consider success with this show- encouraging ideas, great feedback, and lots of inspiration of how to improve petite bee and how to move forward with leaf&letter!
two things i'll keep in mind for next time:

#1 i made a fun felt flower headband on a whim at the last minute just to have something fun & festive to wear during the show. i should have made them to sell because so many people asked about it! i'm still doing a bit of research re: how to make them the best i can, but i'm pretty sure some fun flower stuff will be incorporated into leaf&letter when it launches, and i'll post soon on how i made it!

#2 several lovely ladies at the show asked about purchasing things later, when i'd have my non-bib stuff available on etsy, etc. and my standard answer was to give them the link to my little blog space here [another note to self: should have printed up "coming soon" cards!] my apologies to you as i should have taken down your information to make it easier on you. i must be more proactive next time!

lastly but most importantly- thank you to all of you who placed orders for bibs, who took a card to remember me for later & who made a purchase. i can't describe the thrill of someone loving something you have made with your own two little hands enough to pay their hard earned money for it, so again, just a really big thank you!!!

[ps- a big thank you also to my amazing husband who chased our 2 year old all day by himself and brought me lunch, sandwiched by helping me set up & tear down. i love you best friend!]

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