i can't remember when or where i first discovered anthropologie, but it has been and continues to be a huge source of visual inspiration to me. their prices are astounding, but they really do have amazingly beautiful things- there's no wonder so many of us out in our little craft-blog-lands are citing them. here is my current wish list, not necessarily to buy, but that makes me want to try to make something like it.

embroidered recipe book
i've been trying to get imaginative with how to combine my recipes with the box of ones i've inherited from my mom. i want to keep her original cards with her handwriting and the little stains here and there from making cookies together. i'm thinking maybe a photo album instead of a writing-in book, with a little wool felt cover that i could embroider on easily. and let's not lie... you know i want to smoosh a spoon flat with a hammer and sew it onto the front!

stuffed letter ornament
i still don't know how to knit, but i think these fat little letter ornaments would be absolutely adorable as a baby gift, especially for a first christmas or for a december wee one. maybe a quilted version is in order... oooh or from a felted sweater? the little wooden button is my favorite part. i may end up making these for all my neices and nephews one of these days!

spoon chandelier
i am madly in love with this chandelier, though obviously not willing to sell my first three children in order to obtain it [$4800!!! seriously?]. i think there is something so great and homey about a simple and almost-bare dining room with little more than a huge dining table- and this would look incredible hanging over it!

[random side note: this lovely little chandelier send me on a huge google trail of all kinds of other cool chandelier-related things i've seen. i was looking specifically for an awesome one made of vintage wine barrel rungs that i originally saw in marie claire idees, but couldn't find an online source for, so i had to go back through my old issues and scan it in. there's also this great wine bottle one from pottery barn, and a super cool scissors one from artist lisa congdon... wouldn't it be awesome hanging from quilting hoops in a craft room/studio?]

isn't it incredible?

ok, back to anthro:

letter stands
i love these little letters on their little individual stands. i think it would be so cool to have the entire alphabet on hand so that you could write something out for any holiday you like or someone's name for their birthday- i think 'merry christmas' written out across the mantel would look amazing. unfortunately, the entire alphabet would cost... add it up... carry the 2... $728. lovely. surely you could make them somehow for less? [cheapness. also a reason for crafting!] individually, i also think they'd look great above each stocking at christmas to indicate whose is whose. you can be sure i'll be looking for little metal letters and little metal stands at flea markets from now on!

crocheted throw
three words for you: yarn scrap stash. although there may be good reason, for once, that this one would run you $298.

cupcake wrapper apron
i tried once, several years ago, to make an apron but the results were less than impressive [probably due to my choice of materials based on color and not durability]. i'm now the proud owner of a red and white half one from pier one, which is especially nice at christmas, but a full apron seems much more practical. this one seems deceptively simple... a panel at the chest, a large less-ruffly ruffle for the skirt and smaller more-ruffly ruffle on the bottom, some ties at the neck, a little trim and simple pocket, and done! i'll let you know if i get optimistic enough for that one!

cosmetic bag
i feel sure that this one could easily be felted and made [or vice versa] not to mention there are bajillions on etsy just as beautiful for a bit cheaper. i might even be willing to try it had i not put my sewing machine in the hospital for 10 days last time i tried to brave the zipper foot. however, they too seem deceptively simple according to this really detailed tutorial i keep stalking.

so there you have it. ok, now i'm really fighting the urge to attempt those sweater letter ornaments... [ha!]

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