mail that doesn't start with an e.

tonight i worked on one of my absolute favorite christmas traditions...
christmas cards!

i love pulling out my little address book, and some stamps and pretty pens to personalize them. and that big stack of blank envelopes? i just can't resist. gets me excited every time! there's something so great about getting real mail. not a bill, not a credit card ad, not something begging you to buy something else. just a note, to say hello, with a picture of a loved one on it. something someone took the time to write your name on and maybe stamp it a little to make it pretty and christmas-y.

maybe not everything in life should be electronic.

[ps- i've been stalking this new address book. i like the removable cards, since i have so many addresses crossed out & rewritten in mine- we're just coming off the moving-every-year-or-two college days! ooh, and maybe its matching friend the recipe book. santa, can you hear me?]

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