an idea is brewing...

i just had the most genius idea for my porch. i've been really struggling to figure out what to do with our porch for christmas. i love a really bright, exciting porch at christmas because it is so welcoming. my next door neighbor has fabulous taste and her front door is looking adorable, so i feel like mine needs to step it up so it doesn't look sad and droopy in comparison! the house is pretty much finished as far as the christmas-ifying goes, but the porch definitely needs some work.

then i got inspired after seeing this tabletop tree at target! but, truth be told, i truly hate glitter. and for the porch, it needs to be big.

really big.

then i remembered that we have these on our back porch, the tomatoes long since gone with the warm weather, that are just calling my name to be crafted-upon:
with those big black urns, some green planters we already have there out front, and maybe a little greenery and a healthy dose of twinkly lights, surely some kind of christmas magic could happen...

back soon when the plan emerges!

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