aprons and letters!

i've been trying to think of past craft shows i've done and things i wished i had done in order to be better prepared for mistletoe market,
my big show coming up this weekend. (i can't believe it's this weekend
already!) one thing i did think of was that i wanted some sort of
pocket to keep money in so that it would be on my person throughout the
show and i could easily access it to make change. so i thought, why not
an apron?

so i took a lightweight cotton scarf that i never wear anymore but is the perfect shade of green...

cut it into three pieces, added some ribbon for decoration and a waistband/ties, and made a little kangaroo pocket out of one of my fat quarters, and voila!

it's pretty lightweight, and the pocket won't be able to stand up to a stapler shoved in it or anything like that, but i think it should serve it's little purpose well.

the mail fairy also came this week (or the post, as my newly-relocated-to-london best friend would say), leaving me two little parcels of exciting things! i've never met anyone who gets quite as excited as i do over "real mail" (except maybe my mom, who is cool enough to send people things just because. everyone gets tired of bills and junk mail before too long). anyway, one was my first package from the ever-lovely french general which contained this lovely book, not to mention an entire page of pink label stickers (all an early birthday present from my mom!)

the second package brought the contents of my first etsy trade, which included two adorable teacup pincushions, and french fabric-covered magnets which i love. check out more of natalie's lovely shop here!

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