brown paper packages tied up with string.

each year, i think about wrapping all of my packages very specially to all match each other. in fact, my very first post in this blog, three christmases ago, was about that very idea! [the pictures in most of my older posts are having some technical difficulties- that will be fixed soon. it will entail lots of downloading and re-uploading all the pictures]. it's one of those things that just never seems to pan out though, because it's much more realistic and frugal to use and re-use all the wrapping that accumulates from random places throughout the year rather than buying all new wrapping each year. but i do love that coordinated, put-together look!

i'm finding that december is a great month to write a blog. there is just so much inspiration everywhere, and that seems to be especially true with gifty packages this year. i love how sarah at create studio coordinated her gift wrapping to the red, white and silver on her tree!

design*sponge knows you can't go wrong with a little simple twine and buttons.
and some gift wrapping is just plain eye candy for me, especially if it's red and white at christmas- like this color me pretty for decor8 post. i can't get over those big red felt snowflakes:
alicia at posy gets cozy did something similar with the doilies, except in blue. i love seeing her scandinavian heritage show in her simple and folksy designs! [and monograms. always love.]
i ran across an 'on the cheap' version too- the patchwork dress proves that loveliness can come from super cheap materials. have you ever seen some plain old newsprint look this good? all it needed was a little velvet ribbon and some snowflake-y details:
and to be sure, martha and her fabulous team always have some lovely and beautiful idea to share, whether it's reusing your kid's artwork and old calendar pages:
or literally, the classic proverbial brown paper packages tied up with string:
i absolutely love that with the little sprigs of holly- i think next year is the year for matching gift wrap! [photos are thanks to each individual source!]


  1. Lindsey,
    Thanks so much for reading my blog! Funny, I noticed that you show at the designer's downtown market... I've been multiple times. Maybe we've met?! You asked about the buttons at the top of my blog. Check out this link: http://shannonmakesstuff.blogspot.com/2009/12/big-thanks.html
    Shannon helped me through it, she's great with this kind of stuff!
    -Sarah from Create Studio

  2. sarah, i have totally met you! i found your blog because alisa dean is my sister in law, jason is my brother! and i was in scott's class at SHS :)

    thanks for the link, i will definitely check it out & give it a try!


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