cup. cake.

just when i think i may be going overboard with the plans for my little girl's upcoming cupcake-themed first birthday party, i shall look at the following link to the most cupcake-iest of all cupcake parties ever:

cupcake tea party.

now that is a THEME, ya'll.

(note to frightened husbands everywhere, it will not be that bad. i promise.)

although i have already resigned myself to the fact that i definitely need one of those ginormous cupcake cake pans, even though i may only use it the one time. and maybe a *real* frosting squeezer with the fancy tips, rather than hoping for the best with a ghetto-rigged ziplock bag with the little corner cut off.
cupcakes! pink cupcakes! oh i am so excited.

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! .....especially the idea of having guests decorate their own! (You know how I love to decorate. And of course I'd have to have a prize for the most creative one. ha!)You know I have Nana's box of cake decorating pieces, right? I used it to decorate Evan's cake. OF COURSE I'll share. (:


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