make a light switch plate pretty!

i've been looking for cheap (basically free) creative ways to add a little color and pattern the house, and had so much fun with this covered light switch! i started with a green one for my little girl's nursery, and once i did one, i wanted to do every single one in the house! i used a fun leaf print that i've been obsessed with from the martha stewart line at michael's. this is such an instant gratification project too, easy to do during a little one's nap!

first, find a sad, lonely switch plate that needs new life or a pretty facelift!
gather up your paper or fabric (i haven't tried it with fabric yet, but i would think it would work), spray adhesive, and scissors.
cut the paper to fit with a little to wrap around the back edges.
lightly spray the glue on the paper and stick the switchplate face down.
cut an "x" into the switch opening and the screw holes. tuck the corners in so that the seam is smooth.
use a ball point pen to poke the "x" through the hole to smooth the seams.
wrap the paper/fabric around the back edges and smooth them with your finger to make sure they're glued down tight.
spray with a finishing/sealant spray or paint over with modge podge for a nice, soft, glossy finish.
and done! screw back into the wall over the light switch. so pretty!
i have another idea for using this method with some picture frames... i got a picture frame with a mat on clearance at target for $3.24 and can't wait to get to work on it!

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