a new craft.

i've shied away from pmc (precious metal clay) in the past, but this just seems too cool to not at least try! pmc is like clay that you can stamp, sculpt, and squish back together if you mess up and to keep from wasting the scraps. after you fire it (like pottery), the binders that make it clay-like burn off, and you're left with something like 99.9% fine silver, better than sterling!

i found a great tutorial video to walk me through it, and i can't wait to try this when i get everything organized in the new studio! i've got lots of new ideas for ellebee studio, and will probably end up completely revamping the jewelry selection by september or so (at least that's my hope!). i'd also like to extend the "nesting" section to include more coasters and other fun stuff, and hopefully to really get petite bee going and possibly even extend that into it's own etsy shop! additionally, if i can get enough money saved up, there's the potential to purchase a space in a marketplace co-op here in wake forest, which is definitely my long term goal! that one may have to wait until after i get settled with the baby, though. i've got lots of ambitious plans in the works, now all i need is the time and organization skills to pull them off!

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