found it!

i wrote a few posts back about plans for super-organization of my craft room in the new house after we move, and i can't remember if i actually referenced the magazine or not (probably not, since i couldn't remember even the name at the time) but, as luck would have it, in a waste-a-few-minutes-before-dinner-out-with-the-family trip to books a million last night, i discovered it! it was a special issue from cloth paper scissors magazine called "studios" and the picture on the front was what i was remembering... wire baskets full of beautifully arranged folded fabrics, sorted by color. exactly my goal for my supplies!


(photo thanks to quiltingarts.com!)

in the end, i decided it wasn't worth the $10 to read about other people's craft rooms- i'd be much better off spending that on a basket or something for mine- but the makeover from the front cover was definitely inspiring!

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