hot market.

i'm happy to say i survived the wicked july-in-north-carolina heat (although it will be nothing like lazy days in august!) at designer's downtown market last weekend. there was an awesome turnout of shoppers, my husband toughed it out with me all day, and i was sandwiched between two adorable and very nice fellow vendors, tina and amanda... two lovely ladies who are the proprietresses of scatterbox and oh sew cute designs, respectively. my checkbook succumbed to a ridiculously cute and made-to-order with my choice of fabrics nursing pillow cover, which is extra exciting considering the sad lack in the ones available through mass retail. even target has let me down on that one!

and there i am, in all my pink-cheeked, sweating, 100 degree heat glory, concentrating hard on something or other and oblivious to m's picture-taking... surrounded by my fat quarters and carefully avoiding the tiny river flowing out of that pipe right beside my head! with a name tag and everything.

i think by far the most exciting part of this craft show for me was at about 11am when we had been set up and open for business for a little over two hours already, and m decided he couldn't stand the heat of the full mid-day sun (with little to no shade), much less make his 5 months pregnant wife sit through it, so he disappeared for about 30 minutes and returned with a tent. i am now an official crafter and not the one sad little table with no tent (as i was the first time i did this show! chalk it up to beginner's inexperience!). the truth is, you honestly just can't sit for 6 hours in the blazing july heat with no tent, no shade, and no relief.

and he brought me a popsicle too. i have the best husband ever.

i'm waiting to hear if i'll get accepted to do this great show again in september, which i am really excited about. i have lots of new ideas i hope to have ready by then! also, i think the heat won't be nearly as bad by then, which will be great since i'll be quite a bit more pregnant!

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