a new home... a new studio!

ok, after i drooled over my imaginary store-to-be someday, i decided i can at least start small by completely reorganizing and redecorating my studio... which i will get to do anyway since we're moving in the next month or so! i've had so many ideas for this for so long i'm not even sure where to begin, except that one of my big priorities will be getting the loads and loads of fabric i inherited from my mom completely organized (and probably color-coordinated, knowing me) enough to really use it well and easily. she had mountains of fabric, several lifetimes of projects worth, and it seemed to be a constant frustration for her to never quite have them organized enough to really access them easily, according to the projects she needed them for. i can't imagine the factory warehouse of amazing projects she could have cranked out if she had been able to walk in and find exactly what she was looking for right when she needed it and had time to work on it.

SO! that is my goal. in honor of mom. i will make your fabric findable and i will use your fabric.

i have a big white bookcase (also thanks to mom) and i've had something like this in mind, maybe with wire baskets to keep all the different colors together, so that i can pull them off the bookcase like drawers:

i like the old, vintage stole-them-from-my-grandpa's-chickenfarm feel to them, but of course, i might have to spray them with a little polycrilic sealant or something to keep from damaging the fabric in them. i used to work at a little jewelry and craft store that used these in the bathroom to keep extra toilet paper in, and i though they were too cute. then i saw a magazine all about organizing your studio (which i wish i could find now!) and it had a big bookcase with fabric in these on the cover and i thought yep, that's exactly what i'm thinking.

the other thing i've been obsessed with for the longest time (and even more so now that i have several colors of thread from my mom vs. the 2 or 3 pitiful little ones in a jar i had by myself) is one of those wall-hanging boards with pegs for each of the little spools of thread. i found an absolutely gorgeous one at glassbeach's studio that apparently her husband made for her (how cool is that!) and then was lucky enough to find a tutorial at mantua maker that i think is completely simple enough for me actually make:


(*photo also thanks to mantua maker!*)

it's basically a large board (shelf, whatever you have on hand) with nails to make the pegs. and of course, these will have to be color-coordinated as well. i'll probably also end up needing a little something to hold larger rolls of paper in, although i think i'll use a planter instead of a basket for a bit more sturdiness.

ideally, maybe i can find a way to give it a little peacefulness and a relaxing feeling, since i can tend to put myself into crafting frenzies, and possibly some homey charm thanks to paper lanterns and/or twinkly lights! and if you're creative at all, i don't see how you could not get excited twitches when everything is organized just so.

(ps- if you're looking for some studio inspiration, i highly recommend browsing through the craft rooms flickr pool. make sure you have a couple of hours to waste if you do!)

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