petite fille!

i guess i will have to put this in the back of the closet for now:


since the ultrasound yesterday morning says i'll be needing this:


that's right, i'm having a little girl!

i've been trying to keep myself from buying too many gender-specific things until we found out for sure, but to be honest, i was so convinced it was a boy that i have a couple more boy things than i do girl! i didn't really have any basis for thinking it was a boy, or maybe i just didn't want to get my hopes up too high about a girl, but now it is just so nice to finally know one way or the other!

as you can tell, not much crafting has gone on around here recently, mostly because i am still swimming in a sea of fat quarters in preparation for my show this weekend (finally!). we also close on our house this friday, which means everything has to be out (and cleaned!) by then, so that is causing no small amount of stress. add those two things together with a half-packed-up and completely chaotic craft desk, and yeah... not much crafting getting done at all.

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