valentine inspiration!

i'm working on getting all the snowflakes taken down & the valentine's decor put up tonight, so i thought i'd share a couple of the pinterest ideas that are visually inspiring me right now. i'm trying to be better about using what i have rather than thinking i need to go out & buy a ton of new stuff for each holiday- & if i do, letting it be a $1 pack of doilies or something like that. i mean really, most of us have an empty jar or 2 around & i'm pretty convinced there's nothing a mason jar & some baker's twine can't make pretty!

i'm not huge on valentine's anyway, possibly because i always seem to be expecting a baby the first week of march, which leaves valentine's in the late-pregnancy, no-energy,8 months preggo mama stage. here are some of my past valentine projects i did manage to finish:

i did 'splurge' a tiny bit when i saw how amazing everything in the dollar spot section of target was this year. we don't live anywhere near a target anymore, so whenever i'm there it's even more of an exercise in self control! i was having a really hard time when i found red & white baker's twine, heart & flag shaped kraft paper stickers, & a red & pink felt & burlap heart garland! they were speaking my language:

so here's some eye candy if you will [pun intended!] to get you in a valentine's kind of mood as you decorate:

shew. don't all of those make you want to just buy/make/eat every single one? i do. although, you might be very unlike me & already have all your valentine's decorating done!

[ps- i didn't test each individual pin, so if it doesn't take you to the very original, i do apologize!]

apparently i was extra inspired by valentine's in 2011 (even though i didn't make much myself) considering i made 2 of these inspiration lists that year!

valentine's inspiration list #1
valentine's inspiration list #2

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