valentine's ideas!

usually i'm annoyed with stores skipping straight from christmas to valentine's, but i do have to admit to myself that it is already january, and for some inexplicable reason, i really want to make valentines this year! with a baby due in early march [which around here may very well actually mean late february] i figured the only chance for success was to start early.

not a bad mantra for me in general.

turns out, unsurprisingly, that valentine's must be a super-inspirational holiday in the craft world, because there are tons of adorable ideas out there. a quick search on one pretty thing brought up this handful of ridiculously cute ideas!

for my love:
a lightbulb message via design*sponge

especially with those fat, round lightbulbs!

or this love frame via the inadvertent farmer

i'm picturing this in a daddy's office, perfect too if you have 4 kids!

for sisters or grandmas:
a cute little sachet via craftypod

although i think those stacked hearts would be cute sewn onto pretty much anything. oooh like the end of a scarf!

for the house:
a valentine wreath via tatertots and jello

i'm totally on the hunt for one of those heart-shaped wreaths to make this with!

for the kiddos:
heart-shaped multi crayons via the long thread

these would be a super cute idea to make a big batch of if you felt like being one of those awesome moms that brings in a little something for your kid's whole class!

and though i can't knit a stitch, i couldn't help but say awwww when i saw this incredibly cute idea: a holding-hands mitten! via coco knits- even cuter that she called it a smitten mitten. love.

now that the inspiration fires are burning, i've got to get to work!

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  1. Love your creative ideas! I would like to come and visit, let me know when it is a good time.


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