mantel flashbacks!

long story short, we're moving this week.

& it has been a bit of chaos.

[& yes, i'm sitting here writing about it instead of packing like i should because i'm trying to convince a very wound-up & off-schedule almost-4-year-old to pleeeeeease take a nap so mommy can work!]

also instead of packing, i've been wishing i could keep going through my list of local places i want to go one more time before we're almost 2 hours away... & i keep taking pictures of all the rooms before i dismantle them to pack 'em up. am i the only one who finally hangs something on the wall just to take a picture of it & pack it up? feels silly, but those kinds of memories are important to me, especially in the kids' rooms.

so, all those photos are slowly but surely coming together into a pre-move home tour post, which i'm hoping to have finished & ready to go soon. mostly for posterity, but also so that i can look back & feel like yes i did really finish 1 or 2 projects in the almost 4 years we've lived here. it will be fun to be able to look back on them as i pick out new places to put the same things in the new house, which i'm excited about!

in the meantime & while wrangling all those pictures, i thought i'd post some of my old mantel photos- since everything is half-packed, i really didn't decorate for fall like i normally do, & there isn't a mantel in the new house so stay tuned... i'll have to get creative with that one.

[i decorated our mantle with 30 things representing my husband for his 30th birthday- just a few days after our son was born- my mantel decorating fell off a bit after having 2 kiddos! i wrote all the details on our family blog.]

& just for fun, here is one of the very first mantel i ever decorated, in the first house we lived in, when we were very first married, when i very first started blogging in 2007... good memories!

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