little blue tables!

one of my favorite ways to get cheap paint for furniture projects is by checking out the 'oops' section at home depot. i first found out about it when my hubs worked in the paint department at the depot & told me about it- anytime something gets improperly mixed, they slash down the price & stick it in a little section to be found by some enterprising diy-er... ahem... someone wanting cheap paint.

i found a super cute pale blue one day on the cheap & snatched it up. i started using it on a table & loved it so much i wanted to know what color it was in case i ever wanted to get more mixed. a little googling of the color code printed on the top uncovered the truth- it was wedgewood gray by benjamin moore! it's a really lovely pale bluish gray that i can just as easily imagine covering our living room walls as i can the little side tables i was working on! in fact, here it is on the walls of a pottery barn image that i pinned awhile back:

& these are the little tables i was working on... i discovered them at a local mini flea market owned by just about the cutest little old man on the planet. when i saw they were a set of two, i couldn't resist them! he even cut me a deal because i somehow lugged them up to the front of the market to ask the price on them while also carrying a baby! hah.

 when i purchased them, they had glass cut to fit the tops, but with two small people in the house [& another one on the way!] i've pretty much sworn off glass furniture of any kind. so i ditched the glass to the recycling & that's when the wedgewood gray came out to play!
the color turned out really pretty & i was very happy with it- especially paired with my tan couch & dark brown wood lamps! the little shelves underneath were just the perfect size for our media boxes full of rarely-used cds & extra office supplies.
truthfully though, it was the petite little size of these tables that won me over. they are such a unique size & so incredibly flexible. they can go long-ways or short-ways next to the arm of the couch, & when long-ways, they provide a table top accessible by the chair next to it as well! 
 i'm thinking they could also be paired long-ways, pushed together next to each other to make one long console-style table, but still petite. i think they would be great that way behind a couch floating out in the room. here's how they look in our current living room set-up:
i haven't glazed them yet, but i think they need it. i love the glazed look!

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  1. What a great find! And I love the color too!


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