one more reason to love coffee.

i did it.

i finally jumped on the coffee filter wreath bandwagon.

i figured, with a $1 wreath form from the dollar tree & 2 packs of unbleached coffee filters, what is there to lose? [i ended up making one with the bleached white as well. they were just too yummy not to do 2 colors.]
so big. so fat. so glam. exactly what i needed on the big mirror in my dining room for some subtle color, something big & interesting, & lots of texture.
oh, all that texture. i want to hug it.
if finn were a girl i'd hang a white one over his crib. my excitement for them even bubbled over onto my facebook page, where i ended up selling one of each to a friend for her upcoming wedding. if you want one too, leave me a comment... i'm not sure if they'll mail but if you're in the area i'll meet up with you some where!

over coffee, maybe? it just seems right.

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