quickie frame project.

now that K is making lots & lots of little art around our home, i thought it would be fun to display some of it in her room. i wanted to frame it up nicely, with mats & everything! [usually i just pop stuff in a frame willy nilly, no matting.] when she discovered a 3 sided highlighter with bright pink, green & yellow, she made some really cute scribbly pictures that i thought would be great colors for her room!

but of course, i had to do it on the cheap. so i found these two frames at goodwill, with mats in them, for $2.50 each. yay! have no fear, they will not stay this way for long...
 let me be the first to say that working with old frames sometimes is NOT easy. these were particularly difficult to get the glass back into the frames without breaking them or chipping the edges. i may or may not have ended up almost in tears & handed them over to my husband to try since the only thing that would make me more mad than that glass not fitting was if it broke completely.

i painted the frames a nice glossy white, & sprayed primer all over the paper mats to make them a nice flat white. it bubbled ever so slightly, but you really can't tell when it's under the glass. & look how cute with her little kiddo scribbles in there!

 the frames fit just perfectly between her bedroom door & closet doors. i couldn't be happier with how they fit & we love to see them hanging there when reading books at bedtime.
& someone else is pretty proud of her artwork too!

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