heirloom doll furniture!

there aren't too many things that were mine when i was little that i get obsessive about wanting my daughter to have. however, after my mom died & i saw she had saved my little wooden doll cradle & high chair, i knew i had to have them for my baby girl.

well. 2 years later, i finally finished painting & refinishing them for her. i'm sad it took me that long since she was almost 3  & i wasn't sure how much longer she'd be into dolls, but i was so excited for her to have them!

this is how they started out, pretty but a little drab:
& then a little bit of this with a whole lot of heirloom white:
this was the first project i did using the heirloom white & smoke glaze technique that i discovered on shanty2chic's twine pumpkins. it gives the item kind-of an aged, imperfect look, & i really like it on most things, & it worked fine for awhile on this set:

well, another almost-a-year passed & i started to reconsider the 'aged' heirloom white. does your decor plan ever change as you see more & more of your child's personality emerge? well, my K has this huge, colorful, dramatic personality. she's always singing, always coloring & begging to paint, & plain off-white just didn't seem to suit her. so as i started finishing up some things for her now that she's been in her big girl room for awhile, i re-did the little pieces one more time!

a little 'watermelon' for the crib:
& a little 'aqua' for the highchair:
& look how cute in her bright, colorful room! much more suited to my girl's colorful, ever wild little personality. [& a bonus... the multitude of stuffed animals have a place to be up off the floor! this is just a fraction of her massive crew, each of which she can & will ask for by name at bedtime!]
it looks great with her green walls & with the smaller pink 'bebe' cradle i also painted for her. all her babies get tucked into her choice of cradle each night. so sweet!

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  1. Beautiful pieces of furniture with beautiful emotions. I loved your words and above pieces of furniture too. When I was getting furniture first time for my daughter, my husband helped me a lot and suggested me to have white furniture for our daughter because, it makes my kid as like Fairies.


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