loving some ikea recently!

remember the time i fell off the earth? obviously not really, i'm just finding it difficult to manage my time with 2 little ones running around- but i have so many half-finished projects waiting in the wings you would not believe it! but luckily, several of them are almost done & that means i can get back into my little space here with some fresh, fun new projects & ideas! yay!

until then, i had to make a mental note here of a really amazing frame i discovered recently [& yet one more reason to mourn the fact that our local ikea is 3 hours!!! away from us].

i pinned this really adorable pink & green frame with the letter k [just like my baby girl] 8 weeks ago, according to pinterest, with the caption 'must find a frame like this for my k!'

i absolutely loooooved the frame, but assumed it was some one-of-a-kind thrift store miracle find that others seem lucky enough to find for mere pocket change. but then, i started seeing the same frame all over the place, in lots of different beautiful colors & loving it every time!

& this last one just makes me laugh because i think it shows how full-circle the diy/crafty/thrifty movement has come... a major manufacturer [ikea] made a frame intended to look like an old thrifted brass frame but modernized it by offering it in a black finish... so this couple bought it & painted it gold to make it look like a thrifted old brass frame! beautiful, and funny.

so after seeing this thing everywhere, lo & behold, i discovered it is actually the ung drill frame from ikea & can be mine all mine [or several, even!] for just $30! i call that winning. of course, it is one of the many elusive products that don't actually ship from the website... you have to be in-store to purchase it. it's been a frustration that so many of their products are like that, but i'm sure it's saved me boat loads of money over the years that i can't just pop it all in my online cart & shop!
[photo from ikea's website]

now, if i can just get my hands on some henny cirkel curtains for baby boy's room... oh, & an egeby rug to paint for the kitchen & dining room... & these beachy woven placemats at a crazy great price... & this ridiculously cute white enameled pitcher in several sizes... & i'm dreaming of a 5 cube expedit for my craft room...

 ok, that's quite a wish list! maybe i need to start saving my pennies for an ikea road trip!


  1. that frame is totally gorgeous!! I might have to look for one next time I go to IKEA. ;)

  2. AH!! I was just at IKEA this weekend. Oh and I've also seen that frame at Hobby Lobby. I don't know if you can get it online, but it is a much closer drive than Charlotte! I'll miss you this weekend, Friend!

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