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sometimes there are beautiful lovely creative ideas that are so pretty you just have to pick up right away & go make your own interpretation of it! such was the case when i saw this completely adorable fabric wrapped/tied lampshade [she calls it a scrappy lampshade] by lindsey at the pleated poppy:
so creative & colorful & perfect for a little girl room, right? except i didn't have/need a lampshade for K's room, so i started with this white wire basket from the dollar tree, & lots of strips of fabric leftover from making my fabric wrapped bangles.
then i snipped the bottom off with some metal snips. i figured i could rig it somehow to hang from her boring builder-grade light fixture in the middle of the room [our whole house has them. blech.] i chose to snip the entire bottom right up to the edge like this:
but if i was going to make a lampshade with it i would have left a little border to hang it with like this:
then i started wrapping the top and bottom, mostly to cover the sharp edge:

please excuse the weird bump- i originally tried to tie a new strip on & then wrap the knot to hide the starts & finishes but later just ended up tying them & leaving the ends out & it looked much better. then the rest was just picking fun colors & trying to space them out, weaving them over & under, and knotting them to start a new strip when each one ran out!
...until the whole thing is covered. it was a very fun and a pretty quick project depending on how many little encouragers you have helping you, full of freshly-napped what-doin-momma energy.
and here it is hanging in her room:
i ended up rigging it over her existing 'bulb' light... i just took off the glass cover & hooked the edge of the basket onto the little screws that normally hold the glass bulb onto the light fixture on. the small edge of the basket actually fit perfectly around the metal base of the fixture. we put the glass bulb away & also removed the lightbulb since i wasn't sure if it would be a fire hazard with the fabric touching the metal base. 
so here's to finished projects & thanks lindsey, for the inspiration!

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  1. Oh my goodness, could you be any cuter? That is the greatest idea! Love love love it!


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