date night!

so i really hope it hasn't honestly been almost 4 years since M & i had this very particular kind of date night... maybe it's just that since having kids i slowed down long enough to really savor our dates & take pictures.

one of the things i love most about the wonderful person that M is, is that he can think of a list of 20 fun things to do together that we don't normally do to make the date fun & interesting, but by the end of dinner, we've somehow settled on my absolute favorite... coffee, cupcakes, & each of us together with our own pile of books & magazines at the local bookstore.
i spent a little time flipping through my favorite diy/home decor magazines & didn't even get to where women create [a book of studio inspiration] thanks to the fact that one delicious cupcake & one caramel latte later, i had settled on this little gem:
the craft, inc business planner workbook.

i had read meg mateo ilasco's craft, inc. when it first came out a little while ago, and i thought it was full of super useful info for cottage industry start-ups [it's actually still sitting on my bedside table since i flip through it pretty regularly.] this workbook has similar info, but in really helpful write-able charts & sheets, and includes info for bloggers, crafters, writers, small businesses, and small businesses that have grown into not-quite- so-small businesses.

the only copy left at the store was a little beat-up, so i came home & my awesome husband immediately got on amazon & ordered it for me along with his last couple of books for classes. he knows how much i like having a workbook-style book that i can make notes in & customize & use different colored pens & washi tape & dream big plans in.

not to mention he knows that the simple purchase of a book for me speaks volumes [pun intended!] about how he feels about me & believes in my dreaming big plans.

so yes... great date night, awesome husband.

hope some of you have been on great date nights, or fun coffee runs or just taken some time to get lost in a magazine. what are your favorite date night plans? have you gotten super inspired by any good books lately?

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