a day alone with my glue gun.

it has been ridiculously cold & a little bit snowy off & on around these parts... a little unusual since we are usually more on the warm side of things, even in winter! even though we're going a little stir-crazy from not wanting to leave the house in the cold, it has made for some long winter afternoon naps for my restless 2 year old... which means mommy gets an afternoon of peace with her glue gun!

in other words, the sad little pile of ancient projects that had one piece 'just waiting to be glued' could finally come to a finish. but some new projects too!

i had wanted to try out the fabric flowers/poppies/ruffle-y beautiful thingy-s i've been seeing all over the blog world, and finally got to! i made a pink one for K & a green polka dot one for me:
the green one is going to be made into a pin for my winter hat, but the pink one was going straight onto a headband- and it worked out perfectly when i saw this cheap-o set of 2 headbands at wal-mart that were already ribbon wrapped in pretty grosgrain ribbon because there was a pink one and a brown one:
which meant i could finally finish up a fall headband that i started, intending to have worn it pumpkin-picking & such. i had started testing out the 'rolling' method of making a rosette just to see if i could make one & not make a mess of it. i did one in my favorite mustard-yellow amy butler print to try fabric & one with a thick twill-tape type ribbon, both of which i loved! especially with the brown ribbon headband.
and the third:
i had been looking for a big fluffy flowered headband to wear last easter with my yellow easter dress [told you these were old projects!]. the best i could find was one with a little clump of flowers that made me feel a little silly wearing it since the flowers were close to the center of the headband rather than stylishly off to the side- know what i mean? here's what it looked like before:
[the crazy face was thanks to wiping a giant jelly-bean mess from my toddler. & it shows the headband the best! note to self: next time take better 'before' shots before i start gluing!]

i had bought two really cute flower clips for super-cheap from forever21 & thought they would look awesome added to the headband somehow. so i surgically removed the clips from them [which took forever] & then glued one to each side of the little flower cluster already on the headband. a little extra felt on the back to secure it & done! yay!
so now this happy home has 3 [three!] new headbands for us lovely ladies to chose from [yes, i already share hair accessories with my 2 year old. don't judge.]
by the way, it's kinda hard to photo headbands! for some strange reason i tend to look partially bald if i try to photo them actually on me. but i'm totally loving this mason jar for displaying them... i'll have to keep it in mind for future craft shows!
love new headbands! it's better than shopping! is anybody else making flower-y things & wishing for spring already?
ps- don't forget that you, my lovely blog reader, can win a little gift just for saying happy birthday to my blog! yay! just click right here & leave any comment you like at the bottom.

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