petite bee!

i am so excited to announce that a project i've technically been working on for two years... usually off an on, never really well planned... is finally done! when i had my own little one i somehow [surprise, surprise] had way less time to devote to it like i would have liked. then i got a breath of fresh air a few months ago to go in a whole new direction with it, and even hinted at a bit of progress with it.

so you can imagine my thrill over finally finishing it and now having it ready to present to the world:

appliqued bibs for your messy little miracle!
you will always be able to find the shop by clicking on the little "shop baby" button on the right over there, right above twitter, and i've also got a facebook fan page all set up and ready to go if you'd like to stay updated that way:

the facebook page also features a gallery of messy little miracles sporting their own petite bee bibs, so don't miss that! [and of course, let me know if you'd like your own happy messy miracle to be added!]
there are some fun twin/triplet designs, and lots more fun ones to come including a customizable monogram and some holiday themed bibs. be sure to stop by often and not miss anything!

as a thank you to the wonderful readers that frequent this space, i'm offering free shipping and a buy-2-get-1-free offer an all designs- just enter the code [messymiracle] at checkout!


  1. Lindsey, The shop looks AWESOME!! I really do think we are cut from the same mold because it was just last night that I was playing around with the idea of making a few things to sell at a craft show or something. I'd like to do that in the future and maybe we could join forces?! Let me know how the etsy thing goes, I've played around with that idea too. Your bibs are adorable and the pics you took are great too!

  2. thanks so much sarah! i've actually had an etsy shop for a few years now and have done a few shows (i started out with handmade jewelry) but it started lacking direction, so i decided to put some real focus into the baby thing. if you want to see my older shop it is ellebeestudio.etsy.com. i would love to help you if you're interested in setting one up!


i love to hear your comments or questions! i'll try to respond as quickly as possible, or you can email me at leafandletter[at]gmail.com :)



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